Frontier Research Center: Core technological breakthroughs

The Frontier Research Center is one of the four core sections under Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. It is based on frontier research, aiming at the frontier issues of basic science in materials, solving the "stuck neck" problem in materials and realizing related science and technology breakthroughs. In this way, basic research will serve as the source of innovation in materials science and engineering technology, open up a complete innovation chain from basic scientific discoveries, breakthroughs in key technologies to the early stages of industrial application, and actively promote the realization of major original breakthroughs in materials science and transformation of major achievements.

Currently, there are 9 groups in the frontier scientific research section, including Amorphous materials, 2D materials, biological interface, new energy catalysis, practical superconducting thin film, advanced ceramics, semiconductor/photovoltaic materials and devices, computer-aided material design, and silicon heteroepitaxial. Among them, "Developed high-temperature bulk metallic glass based on material genetic engineering", the research result of amorphous materials group, led by Prof. Weihua Wang, was selected as "2019 Top Ten Progress in Science in China ".